Bespoke Cupcakes

We’ve been creating delicious cakes for 5 years and believe in quality bespoke designs



Cupcake and Co was founded by Joanne Welsh in 2010. As a small child Joanne always had a love for baking. After preparing many delicious cakes for friends and family she soon decided it was time to follow her passion and Cupcake and Co was born. What started out as a hobby, Cupcake and Co escalated into high demand and out of the office job and straight into the kitchen she went.

At Cupcake and Co we believe in quality. All of our ingredients used are only the finest. We use premium brands and no cake mixes in our kitchen. We specialise in Cupcakes and Cakes all of which are Bespoke Cupcakes designs and made to order to suit your cake needs. We can pretty much create anything for you. If you are stuck for ideas then you can always leave it up to us.

Whether you are looking for personalised corporate cupcakes for a business event, giant cupcakes for a special birthday or a wedding cupcakes tower, just let us know and we will create something special for you!

Bespoke Cupcakes

Locally Sourced


We use pure madagascan bourbon vanilla, fairtrade coca and chocolate in our recipes with the highest quality ingredients

Bespoke Cupcakery

Our Mission


We believe we bake the best cakes in the North East of England. We achieve this by using the world’s best ingredients using secret recipes and baking every cake with the attention to detail you’d use yourself at home.

These aren’t the run of the mill cupcakes you see cropping up all over – these are exquisite gourmet treats where you really can taste the difference. Our mission is to vanquish dry, boring, tired old cakes and bring nu-baking to the mouths and hearts of the North East directly form our Bespoke Cupcakery.